Planning For Long-Term Care

When people are asked about what they want to do in their retirement, they often have a list of places to travel, books to read, projects to start and complete, and friends and family to spend time enjoying great meals and time spent together.

It is easy for people to plan for fun things like holidays and travel, or even just relaxing and enjoying time in the home they have worked hard on to perfect all these years. It is not as easy to start to think about the possibility of having to pay for long-term medical care.

Meeting with Matthew Dixon, a Registered Financial Consultant in Greenville, SC, is a simple way to ensure you plan for the fun things, as well as to deal with the reality of increased risk for medical expenses as you age.

A Realistic Approach

As an experienced financial advisor specializing in retirement planning, Matthew Dixon works closely with individuals and couples to realistically understand what they need to consider in their retirement fund.

This includes not only enough to cover your dream and vision of your retirement but also the cost of inflation, the maintenance and upkeep of the residence, and the need for a medical fund.

Relying on programs such as Medicare, or trying to pay for long-term care insurance, both have significant drawbacks for individuals in Greenville, SC. Different options for investing and retirement planning can be recommended based on your current income.

Matthew Dixon has the expertise and experience to guide you through these conversations and set up plans that work to your tax benefits while providing long-term financial protection as you age.

For a personalized, comprehensive review of your retirement plan, contact us.