Power Cords: Powering the Modern PC

When referring to powering modern computers, the electrical supply is normally accommodated by what are known as PDU cords.  Some of the most common are C14 and C15 cords.  These are the thick, black cables that can normally be seen plugging into the back of a computer and thereafter being directed towards a power converter that is connected into a standard outlet.  As the C14 to C15 power cord is one of the most common types that accomplishes this necessary task, it is a good idea to look at some of its main characteristics and advantages that it will offer the user.

Main Characteristics

Normally, these cords are actually quite short in length (varying anywhere between two and four feet.  The reason that this is the case is due to the fact that under standard conditions, only a few feet will be required to connect a computer to its source of power.  This is also an important safety feature.  As the length of any power cord increases, so will the heat that it generates also rise.  As the C14 to C15 power cord is quite short, this is not a concern.  Also, its length will help to lessen the chances of it becoming accidentally unplugged during normal operations; a critical factor in avoiding data loss.

Both ends of the receptacle are constructed of highly durable plastic and the male and female ends will secure into on another.  While some cords offer a proprietary locking mechanism, even the standard models will offer a highly reliable connection that will not loosen under normal circumstances.  All such cords are also rated as safe from Underwriters’ Laboratories for both home and office use.  Without this seal of approval, no such cord should be purchased.


As mentioned before, the most common use for the C14 to C15 power cord is when a computer needs to be mechanically connected to a power supply.  As these cords are normally rated at 15 amperes and 125 volts, they can accommodate the electricity that is normally found in households and offices.  There are also times that this cord can be used to connect multiple devices to one another, however it is always a good idea to use the services of a qualified technician before doing so.

There are currently a number of different lengths of this cord available and it is quite a cost-effective solution when power is needed to be routed into a computer.  These are some of the main qualities that have come to define this type of cable.

The C14 to C15 power cord is indeed a powerful tool commonly found in many different environments.  Take a look at Domain for more information.

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