Considering the Features of the Three Major Business Hosting Plans

As a business owner, you have most likely already determined that one of the best things you can do for your business is to establish an online presence of some sort. But now you’re in the process of deciding exactly what kind of web hosting service is going to be best for your particular situation.

Typically, you will find that there are three major types of business hosting plans no matter which hosting service you choose to work with. Consider your particular needs and weigh them against these three plans and your decision will most likely be made a little easier.

* Web Hosting Service
* This is the most basic of hosting services and simply gives you enough space capacity and bandwidth in order to create a web site and make it accessible to the rest of the world. This can be a great service for new or smaller business who have no current needs other than creating and hosting a web site.
* Virtual Servers –
* A virtual server is exactly what it sounds like. In addition to giving you the ability to create and publish a public web-site, a virtual server can also typically provide online storage space for non-public data such as files and personal information. Notice the use of the word non-public and not private in this example. Virtual servers are storage space leased from a hosting company, but not all of your data is necessarily stored on one device, nor is it entirely secure. This is a good option for business owners that would like to store certain information, such as backup files, online and are not necessarily concerned with protecting the privacy of potentially sensitive information.
* Dedicated Servers –
* Again, this is exactly what it sounds like. In addition to web site hosting, this option allows you to lease an entire physical server within the hosting company. Nobody else shares this server and all of your information is private and protected. This is the best option for those that have sensitive data that needs to be kept completely private.

You most likely already know what your exact needs are in a hosting service. Now that you have a better understanding of what each of the three major options are all about, hopefully your decision will be made a bit easier. Remember, do not hesitate to ask the hosting company for their advice.

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