Pest Control for Rice and Granary Weevils in Peachtree City GA

Rice and granary weevils can be annoying, though they don’t cause injury or harm to humans, pets or the home in Peachtree City GA. They cannot harm the furniture, clothing, houses, pets or people and they don’t sting or bite or carry diseases. However, they can infest rice and grains and make them inedible for human consumption, and this can be a costly problem for many homeowners.

How They Get In

In most cases, the rice or grain is stored somewhere before being packaged and entering your home. The weevils can enter the grain or rice in the storage area and can stay hidden until they are packaged and in your home causing problems. In rare cases, they may be able to enter a home and enter the containers for rice and other grains, such as flour.

They grow and develop in the grain kernel as white, small larvae and are not usually detected until they have broken through the seed and come out. When this happens, you will notice tiny bugs in your grain or rice that are reddish brown or brown.

They can be in any kind of seed or grain, such as popcorn, garden seeds, dried decorations with seeds, decorative Indian corn and other stored seeds, such as rice. They cannot harm people, so if you use some of the seeds or rice before noticing them, you will not be harmed, but it can be a little unnerving to notice them for the first time and wonder how long they have been there.

Ways to Remove Them

If you notice weevils in your packaged or contained food in Peachtree City GA, it is easy to “save” the grains. Heating it to at least 140 degrees for 15 minutes will kill the weevils, or you can also freeze them for three days to kill every stage of the weevil. However, most people don’t want to save the grains at all and want them disposed of. To do this, you can throw them away in the regular trash can and then close the bag and move the bag outside immediately. However, you may already have an infestation, so professional help may be required.

The cupboard or shelves that held the infested items will need to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned by vacuuming and washing with special items. Washing them with regular bleach or detergent will not help.

If you have annoying weevil pests or some other pest control problem in Peachtree City GA, then you will need the services of Turin Pest Control.

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