FAQs About Birthday Parties In McKinney TX

In Texas, parents have brilliant opportunities for their child’s birthday party. A local gym provides a fun adventure as an alternative to the traditional at home parties. The kids will have ample space to play, eat snacks, and open presents. The local gym can also provide answers to frequently asked questions about Birthday Parties in McKinney TX for these parents.

How Big is the Gym?

The portion of the gym that is available for birthday parties measures around 15,500 feet. It will accommodate groups of any size and allow the family and friends to attend the party with ease. These spaces allow the kids to enjoy the facility and have a great time.

Does the Schedule Change Based on the Season?

Yes, the availability varies between certain months. The schedules are set for September through June and July through August. The dates are based on when the gym is used for gymnastics courses. Most of the time, the hours in which the gym is available are from 10 am to 6:15 pm. When booking the parties, the parents should review these times carefully based on which schedule is used at the time.

What are the Features Available for the Party?

The party guests have access to two tumble tracks, ropes, obstacle courses, foam pits, parachute games, and inflatables. The equipment is maintained and repaired as needed to keep children safe at all times. The staff monitors the children at all times to ensure their safety. They will also assist parents throughout the party.

What is Included in the Birthday Party?

The party lasts one hour in the gym, and the kids will have thirty minutes in the party room to enjoy their cake and refreshments. The staff manages all the setup and cleanup services. The birthday child will also receive a specialty t-shirt and medal.

In Texas, parents can plan their child’s birthday party easily with a party coordinator. The coordinator manages the entire process for the family. They also book the party and set up deliveries for vendors. Parents who want to learn more about Birthday Parties McKinney TX contact AquaKids right now for more details.

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