Perfect Luxury Accommodation Apartments For Your Holiday

Is it nearly that time of year to embark on a family vacation? Perhaps you want to experience your very first holiday with a new love interest? Whoever you plan on escaping to the seaside with, do it inside a luxury private apartment. Forget about queuing to check into a room at a swanky hotel because when you book private accommodation, you can swiftly collect your key and let the luxury experience commence. From the personal service to the impressive amenities, there are plenty of reasons to book a stay inside a holiday home.

Enjoy a Midnight Dip

It goes without saying that you will want to have a swim when you are on vacation. If the salt water doesn’t quite do it for you, have a dip in a swimming pool at a beach front resort! When you go private you will have the privilege of swimming whenever you feel like it, so if that spontaneous moonlit swim appeals to you, nobody will stop you. Swimming is an effective form of exercise for toning the entire body and it does not put stress on the joints, allowing all of the family to make a splash at a holiday home.

Feast on Freshly Prepared Fare

There’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into food that has been prepared from scratch with ingredients sourced or grown by area businesses. At a resort, you can fill up on chef-prepared dishes, sample flavours from different countries at surrounding dining establishments or alternatively, purchase local produce and whip up a spread of nibbles inside your holiday home! If you really want to cook your own meals when on vacation, check if the space features cooking appliances, such as an oven, grill and microwave.

Superior Service with a Smile

A smile could brighten up your day and it will go a long way when you are on vacation. Staff at hotels will be required to work long shifts and deal with hundreds of new guests every week, or even every day during high season. On the other hand, staff working at a holiday home resort will offer a more personal service and will let you take control of your holiday. The fact that they let you get on with it means that they will be more laid back in their approach, so everybody wins!

Ocean Breeze Resort is the perfect resort for a family getaway, because the beach front holiday homes are situated close to attractions, like Noosa National Park. Call +61 7 5447 4977 to make a booking.

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