Don’t Delay If You Need Emergency Eye Care

If you believe that your vision could be in jeopardy, you need Emergency Eye Care. This is definitely not the time to wait and see if it gets better. Saving vision in a damaged eye is often possible; restoring lost vision is an entirely different situation.

Don’t Drive Yourself for Emergency Care

Don’t try to drive yourself to the doctor, even if you have to call a taxi or ambulance. Driving with a serious vision problem is simply too dangerous. Also, it’s very likely that any treatment will include eye drops that would make driving home equally problematic.

You Need Emergency Eye Care If You Experience the Following:

1. Double vision, sudden blurriness or total loss of vision:
2. Pain and redness in and around the eye;
3. Excessive tearing, itchiness, crustiness or discharge;
4. Seeing light flashes, colored circles or new floaters (spots or shadows);
5. Waking up with the eyelids stuck together;
6. Suddenly sensitivity to light;
7. One eye bulging out.

If You Have a Foreign Object in the Eye:

1. Do not attempt to remove it with tweezers or another tool; this could make the problem much worse.
2. Do not rub or press on the eye;
3. Do not put any ointments or other medication into the eye.

If You are Wearing Contact Lenses

1. In the case of an injury to the eye, do not try to remove the contacts. This could make the problem worse.
2. The exception to this rule is when there is an injury caused by chemicals in the eye. Usually, washing the eye with water will remove the contacts. If the contacts are still in the eye, try to remove them and get medical help immediately.

Chemicals in the Eye

1. Any chemical in the eye is dangerous. Some, like drain cleaner or lye, can cause permanent damage.
2. Rinse the eye under cool tap water or in the shower for 15 minutes. Remove contacts.
3. If waiting for a ride or an ambulance, continue flushing until they arrive to take you to emergency medical care.

Possible Causes of an Emergency Eye Issue

1. Infections;
2. Accidental injuries;
3. Chemical exposure;
4. A small piece of metal, glass or something else in the eye;
5. A medical condition such as diabetes.

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