Pediatric Medical Care: When Urgent Isn’t Emergent

When your child is ill or injured and the pediatrician’s office is closed, what do you do? While your first thought may be to take your little one to the Emergency Room, this is in fact a costly and time-consuming endeavour best reserved for life-threatening conditions. Rather, consider taking your child to an urgent care clinic, where board-certified physicians will attend to his/her needs quickly and compassionately.

Minor Ailments and Illnesses

As its name implies, the Emergency Room is for emergent care. When your little one has simply suffered a minor injury or illness, urgent treatment is the most appropriate level of care. From head colds and the flu to bronchitis and inner ear infections, the medical professionals at an urgent care clinic will have the expertise it takes to get your little one back on the way to health.

Minor Cuts and Wounds

While more egregious breaks will necessitate a trip to the ER (think compound fractures and head injuries), the healthcare professionals of an urgent care clinic can safely and efficiently stabilize your little one’s minor injury and recommend the best course of recovery. From sprains and strains to superficial cuts and wounds, a quick cleanse and bandage will quickly get your child back on his feet.

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