Reasons to Seek Medical Treatment at an Urgent Care Office

When you’re sick or injured and can’t get an appointment with your primary care doctor, you could visit a hospital emergency room. However, your situation might not be emergent. An option that you have is to seek medical treatment from an urgent care near Monroe NJ. Offices like this provide a combination of primary and emergent care for those who might not have insurance or who are unable to get an appointment with a primary care doctor. Here are a few reasons why you might want to seek the services that an office like this offers.

Minor Injuries

From slips and falls that result in sprains and strains to your muscles to cuts and scrapes that might need stitches, an urgent care office can provide the medical attention that you need. Most offices can perform an X-ray to determine if there are any broken bones before wrapping the area impacted with a bandage, using sutures to close a wound, or referring you to an orthopedic doctor for injuries that might need further attention.

Back Pain

When back pain becomes debilitating, an urgent care near Monroe NJ can perform various exams to determine if there are any issues with your spine, such as a slipped or herniated disc. Pain medications can be prescribed that can provide relief as well as a referral to a chiropractor if it’s needed.


There are several illnesses that can be treated by urgent care doctors. From mild fevers to the flu and stomach viruses, you can visit an office to have diagnostic tests performed to determine whether you have a virus or a bacterial infection.

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