Orthodontists in Westchester County NY for Straighter Teeth

Are your teeth crooked? Perhaps they have been that way for a number of years. They may also be a source of embarrassment for you especially if others have teased you or made comments about them to you. Today, it easier than ever to correct crooked teeth. Do not think that you are limited to braces, and keep in mind that there are braces options that do not create the brace face look. This is something that people have also been teased about. Imagine trying to fix your crooked teeth by getting braces only to be teased further.

Orthodontists in Westchester County NY work with patients with varying levels of crooked teeth. Some patients do not even have crooked teeth. They may have overbites or medical conditions such as TMJ.

Damon braces are an option for people who do not mind wearing braces. These special braces look less wiry. They are also supposed to be more comfortable than traditional braces.

Invisalign is another option for teeth straightening. With this option, Orthodontists in Westchester County NY fit patients teeth to trays. The trays must be worn the majority of the day. They are clear, and therefore, people who do not want any obvious sign of teeth straightening might choose this option. The trays can be removed to perform oral hygiene and also to eat meals. as the teeth straighten new trays are created until the process is complete. Some people experience shorter straightening times with this option.

Perhaps you are a person who does not mind the braces being obvious. Some people think of them as cute. If this is the case for you, traditional braces may be the answer. They are just as reliable as the other options.

The best way to determine the type of treatment that you need for your teeth is by scheduling an appointment with Anthony DeBenedictis D.D.S. He is a highly regarded orthodontist in Westchester County. A consultation is needed. This will involve examining your teeth. You will also be able to provide input about your desired treatment option. Your braces may be covered by your insurance in some situations.

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