Driving Test Tips for the Teen’s Parent

As soon as most teens turn 16 they set their sights on getting their drivers license. It can be quite a nerve wracking experience for you as a parent. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your teen’s driving test so you stay calm and they have a better chance of passing:

  • Training: It is very tempting to train your child to drive. Sometimes just taking them out in a low traffic area or parking lot can be helpful so they can get a feel for how a car works. However it is far better for your teen to take actual driving lessons with a certified company to get the best results. Driving lessons need to be emotionless and focused on safety. As a parent it will be tempting to get angry at your teen when they don’t follow your instructions. It can be easy to lose patience as well. Your teen will also be more nervous with you as they will want to succeed and impress you. Allowing them to take driving lessons will put them in a position to be more relaxed without worry of how you will take their performance which will make it easier for them to succeed.

  • Avoid Accidents: Never take your child out on the road without proper training. It is overwhelming for a teen to suddenly find themselves driving even on a less travelled road. Keep in mind that driving is not something that is picked up easily. There are many things your teen will have to remember all at once if you just allow them to take to the road. It can sometimes be difficult to avoid being pressured by your teen to allow them to give driving a try as you do not want to wear away their confidence. However it is in the best interest of all of you, not to mention the other drivers on the road to stop your teen from driving until they have experience with their driving lessons.

  • Test Prep: Once your child has completed their driver instructed course you will want to make yourself and your car available so they can prepare for driving test. Again it is very important that you are familiar with the rules of the road so you do not encourage your teen to use bad habits you have picked up over the years. Take the time to refresh your memory so that you are not encouraging your child to make mistakes.


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