Options Are Available If Your Disability Benefits Claim Is Not Approved

If you find that your claim for Social Security disability benefits is denied, you are in good company. Based on recent statistics, about three out of four applications are. There are two options available to you.

   *   Give up. Not a good option but one that many applicants choose

   *   Hire a Social Security lawyer in Novi and fight for your benefits

Giving up is never a good option, when you opt for this and you re-apply in the future, you are starting from scratch. Pushing forward, hiring a lawyer and appealing the decision may result in your receiving benefits.

It is a bad move to start over after your initial claim was disapproved. Chances are very good that if the first claim was denied, the second will be as well. Nothing has really changed, the examiner, even though it probably is not the one that initially denied the claim, will look at the same information and conclude, as did the first examiner, that the claim should be rejected.

Filing an appeal:

If the initial application for disability benefits is denied you will be given a 60 day window in which the Administration will accept your petition to appeal the decision. This is by far the route to take; by appealing the “clock keeps running,” if you start over with a new application it will impact your eventual back pay which starts on the date of your first application.

This is the time to hire a Social Security lawyer in Novi, your lawyer can prepare the documentation that is necessary to lodge the appeal as well as represent you when you reach the hearing stage and beyond.

The entire procedure is quite complex, there is a substantial amount of support documentation that is required to have the best possible chance of getting approval during the appeal process.

If your application for disability benefits has been denied it is always a good idea to hire a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Novi to help you through the appeals process. You are invited to discuss your case in detail.

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