Differences Between The Best Mexican Foods As Made in Mexico and America

Everyone loves some good Mexican food, in fact, Mexican food is more popular than any other “import” food in America, today. With that being said, what readers must realize is that favorites such as fajitas, salsa and quesadillas, while surely delicious, are not really “Mexican” foods. They are actually American creations sold in Mexican restaurants. Even some of the Best Mexican Foods that do exist in Mexico such as enchiladas, tacos and tamales are cooked and served up quite different here in the states than down in Mexico. The love of spices is actually an American additive, with actual Mexican dishes rarely being cooked to be chili hot. Chile sauce is a condiment used in Mexico much like Americans would ketchup, added according to the taste of the dish.

Much of what most Americans like about Mexican dishes is all the gooey cheese; however, if they were to have the same dish at a home in Mexico City, for example, it’d likely have a quarter of that cheese, if at all. It’s an unusual practice to add cheese to nearly every dish in Mexico, and the same holds true of all the sauces. Customers would likely receive a much smaller portion of south of the Rio Grande, as well, and the food would not run together as it does here in the States. The use of tortillas in Mexico is much like we use bread, that of a side starch item, not fried up and used as nachos or with dips.

Regardless of how you like your Mexican, Tex-Mex or whatever food they serve at Senor Salsorita’s down the street, the Best Mexican Foods are served hot, and use fresh ingredients. Even if it’s not exactly how it might have been done in the heart of Jacinta, as long as you enjoy it, that’s what matters. Mexican restaurants across the NE depend on Hispanic Food Distribution in New Jersey to deliver the top ingredients on time each week so they can continue to serve up old favorites and new dishes alike just the way Mama used to do it or using new recipes their customers love.

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