One on One Physical Therapy in Merrick, NY

There are many reasons behind needing the services of a physical therapist. Once healed from some injuries to a certain degree, you need to regain strength and mobility in that area. When we think of physical therapy, we picture the time to get back to fully living our lives. Once you have had surgery and are ready to regain use of the affected body part again, you need professional help in re-learning how to get back to living your life. This can be easier said than done. The road involving physical therapy can be a pretty challenging one. We take for granted being able to use our limbs for the most part. No one is truly prepared for an injury that leaves them with a limb that is weak and unusable.

Physical Therapy in Merrick, NY can be a long, painful process. When you are faced with this tough journey, you want to have a team of professionals familiar with your physical therapy needs. The Bellmore Physical Therapy privately owned clinic offers gold standard service in multiple physical therapy treatments and post surgical rehab treatment. The intimate size of their facility means you, as the patient, receive a more hands on approach. Your therapy sessions will be one on one and totally about your care. When you receive therapy that is all about you and your recovery, your approach to treatment can be more rewarding and beneficial, which motivates you to recover and not give up. Treatment options for Physical Therapy in Merrick, NY include orthopedic, sports injuries, joint replacements, back pain, and even pediatric injuries. Each patient receives a thorough consultation that reviews their medical history. They go through a full exam and complete discussion on the direction their therapy will go. This allows the patient to play a part in treatment options and not just the actual therapy sessions. Certified therapy experts create a care plan tailored for you, complete with exercises you can perform at home to complete your therapy sessions for total wellness. Take time and discover the many services and the range of professional care you want from your physical therapy. This can make all the difference in your successful healing.

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