Oklahoma Technicians Offer Better Smartphone Maintenance Tips

Smartphones might be ubiquitous these days, but that doesn’t mean that the best way to treat them is always obvious. Few wireless providers ever tell users everything that they should be doing in order to keep their phones running for as long as possible. A group of technicians who offer phone repair Tulsa shared some of their knowledge with the public. According to their report, a few simple techniques can help to dramatically improve the performance of most commercial-grade mobile devices.

Cleaning the history and browser cache after visiting websites can help to clear out most of the junk files that can slow a phone down over time. Since pointers to individual memory locations could still stay active even after they’re deleted, so it’s important to periodically turn the phone off or at least restart it. While long uptime values can seem impressive, it’s a good idea to periodically reset a phone in order to reduce the risk of this kind of thing happening.

Those looking for phone repair in Tulsa were also told to run the onboard maintenance app, which is usually found in the settings panel of most Android and iOS devices. The process is automatic and should only take a few moments. Frequent phone users who have a few extra minutes to spare can force an update from the same panel. Though this might take a little longer, it could help to plug some annoying security holes.

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