Features of an Access Security System in Bowling Green KY

When you have a security system installed, you’re putting your faith into that Access Security System to protect not only your home or business and possessions, but also your very life. A security company like Sonitrol KY can give you the peace of mind you need to ensure your home, property, and family are kept safe. Not all security alarm systems are the same, and there are some things to consider before you select your security company.

The company should have the option of letting you buy and not lease the equipment. Their installers should be factory trained to the equipment manufacturer’s standards. An access security system Bowling Green KY that is not installed correctly is not one you can count on. The alarm system should have a battery back-up in case of a power failure to ensure you are still protected, and it should be a rechargeable battery.

You and your family shouldn’t have to remember long security codes. Even four numbers can be confusing and easy to transpose. The alarm system can instead be programmed with just two buttons, with one for day, one for night, and a third option using both buttons, such as for when you will be out of town. Also, you should be in charge of your own codes. You shouldn’t have to use any pre-selected codes that are determined by the security company. You can change your codes any time you like.

Something else you may not consider, but which may be offered by your alarm company, is protection against fires. Typical smoke detectors are battery operated. The advice usually is to change your smoke detector battery whenever you set your clock ahead or set it back. Batteries can still fail, though, and not everyone remembers to change them. A better system is to have your smoke alarms connected to your alarm system.

This is even more secure than having them connected to the electrical wiring, in case of a power failure and back-up battery failure. If the alarms are connected to the security alarm, they will signal the security company in case of smoke or fire. The security alarm’s back-up battery is more reliable than disposable smoke alarm batteries, so you’re protected even if your electricity is unavailable. Visit Sonitrolky.com for more information!