Oil Sands Security Company: Protection in a Variable Industry

Oil sands are an unconventional source of bitumen petroleum and the Athabasca oil sands in Alberta, Canada include a notably large deposit. As the third largest deposit in the world, Alberta is home to an estimated 70 percent of worldwide bitumen. These extraction sites use newer technological advances to extract and process the oil, which was previously not practical due to the viscosity of the material. Although there have been no incidents, terrorists bombed natural gas wells in British Columbia in 2008 and 2009. This has led many companies to consider hiring an oil sands security company. The sheer value of this operation makes prevention a smart move. For companies interested in oil sands security, GPS Security is a practical option.

Professional Oil Sands Security Options

No matter the size of your company or the number of remote camps you run, you need a security team that can oversee all areas. A reliable company can create a comprehensive plan that addresses all of your concerns and plans for any event. At GPS Security, all guards are certified in Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) as well as Construction Safety Training Systems (CSTS-09). You may have security concerns in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Camp security and restricted access
  • Supervision of machinery and equipment
  • Patrols of nearby roadways
  • Balancing Security with Safety

While security is of the utmost importance, it must be balanced with employee safety. Oil sands are generally considered a less risky career choice than offshore drilling, but that does not guarantee that things cannot go wrong. The industry must meet the demands of government, consumers, and environmental agencies. Your security team can coordinate with appropriate individuals to schedule security that fits with your mechanical inspections and other safety requirements. It is important to create a plan that accommodates every aspect of your oil and gas business operation to create an environment where everyone can do what needs to be done.

Working with GPS Security

You want your valuable business assets protected by a team that knows the best method for protecting your facilities and your employees. GPS Security knows that no single solution works for every business and provides consultations to ensure that team members can meet your personal needs. As professionals, they understand the risks associated with the oil and gas industry. Through a combination of GPS mapping and ongoing training, you can be confident that the team you hire will be of the highest skill level. The team you hire will not only be skilled in general security services, but also in an oil and gas program that exceeds COR standards. Contact a representative to talk about your oil sands security company options.

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