Insurance Adjuster Job – Understanding the Trade Can Help You Win

When you take the time to fully understand the role of an insurance claim adjuster, it can provide you with a definite advantage when you are negotiating a claim. An insurance claims adjuster will come with a number of different titles, such as an independent claims analyst or claims representative, but they all perform the same job. When you understand who a claim adjuster is and the way they work in order to resolve an injury-related claim, then you can see how they may be able to benefit your claims process.

The Insurance Adjuster’s Role
When you file a claim against someone whom you believe was responsible for the accident or injury you received, the negotiation process will typically begin with the claims adjuster for the person’s insurance company. In some cases, the claim will not be handled by the company’s adjuster but by a third party insurance adjuster. This is often done if the insurance company does not have a local office in a certain area.

If an independent claims adjuster is used as a representative of the insurance company, they will operate the exact same way as the in-house adjuster. The main differences are that they will likely have a lower authority limit to settle the case and must have the amount of the settlement approved by their supervisor rather than the company office. The actual negotiation process is the same.

The Claim Settling Process
The role of the insurance adjuster is to ensure you receive a fair settlement but also ensure claims are settled in a quick and efficient manner. Generally, adjusters see between 50 and 100 new claims each month. When you take the time to understand what your claim is actually worth, you will see that the adjuster will not try to stall the case, helping to have it cleared in a more efficient manner.

During the negotiation process, your adjuster will work with you in order to determine the extent of the accident or injury in order to determine how much you actually deserve. It is important to provide any information you have to ensure you receive an amount that is fair. Once you agree on an amount for the settlement, the adjuster will send you the paperwork in order to finalize the settlement you receive. The adjuster will also receive a certain percentage of the settlement you receive.

Understanding the role of the claims adjuster can be extremely beneficial. For more information regarding the benefits of using a claims adjuster, visit the Coconut Grove Claim Adjusters website.

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