Offerings Available for a Three Bedroom Condo on the Upper West Side

Every condo building has their specific offerings, but there are traditional options that you will find in a three bedroom condo on the Upper West Side, including the room options, amenities and so much more.

Living Rooms/Floor Plan

The living area should be spacious enough to hold couches, chairs, coffee tables and whatever else you prefer. It should also offer great natural lighting, high windows and ceilings and will usually include a small area for a dining room table if you prefer. Most walls are very open and are ready to be filled with shelves, bookcases, decorative wall art and whatever else you fancy. While most living rooms will offer hardwood flooring, you can always include a beautiful area rug of whatever size you wish to offer warmth and coziness to the area.


The kitchen will open onto the dining/living room and will offer many countertops that you can keep bare for a simplistic look or include your daily appliances for a more lived-in look. Most kitchens offer two sinks, grey quartzite counters and backsplashes, and custom wood cabinetry in white lacquer.


A typical three-bedroom condo on the upper west side will also include three bathrooms, each with a toilet and sink. The master bathroom will typically offer two sinks and a shower/bathtub while the second bedroom will offer a stand-in shower, and the third bathroom offers a bathtub/shower combo.


Most three-bedroom condos also offer a washer and dryer hookup, so it is easy to do laundry throughout the week. This can be especially helpful if you have children or just want to do your laundry in-house.

Powder Room

A powder room is also included in the three bedroom condo option, which is right off the kitchen. This room is typically for hand washing and freshening up and does not include a toilet or shower/tub.


While your actual living quarters will offer the finest of the fine, there are usually other amenities offered in a three bedroom condo in the Upper West Side, which can include a concierge and fitness center, along with much more.

Again, each condo building will have their own special amenities, but typical options do include doormen, concierge service, parking garages and fitness centers, because most people living in condos want those fine amenities and expect them from luxurious living quarters.

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