If You’ve Been Charged In A Boating Accident, Find The Right Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS

Boating accidents are not always preventable, but far too often the accident would not have happened if someone had not been negligent. Boating accidents carry an extra level of danger simply because they happen on the water. If you are knocked unconscious in a car accident, this is not normally fatal. If you are knocked unconscious into the water, you are likely to drown. Drowning and trauma are the cause of death approximately 90% of the time. Most of those people were not wearing a flotation device, which could well have saved their lives.

For most people, boating is something they do on the weekend or vacation. It’s pure relaxation, enjoying the water, the wind, the sensation of flying over the lake. It’s fun time after a long work week. People tend to think that accidents don’t happen when you’re having a good time. Drinking while boating makes no more sense than drinking and driving

The most accidents happened in motorboats with open cockpits; personal watercraft had the second highest number of accidents. Speed was a contributing factor in many accidents. When someone operates a watercraft dangerously, everyone around them is put at serious risk. If the person operating the boat is showing off and ignoring the surroundings, that’s asking for trouble.

Inexperience ‘behind the wheel’ of the boat is the root cause of a great number of accidents. Simply being on the water does not magically impart boating knowledge. Newbies would be well advised to take a training course before taking charge of a boat.

Passengers can be just as reckless. Regardless of what the operator may say, some passengers will do dangerous things. They will jump off the boat when it’s moving, overload the boat and seldom bother about safety rules or flotation devices.

If you find yourself needing a defense attorney in Hattiesburg MS as a result of a boating accident, take the trouble to find someone with experience in this area of the law. It’s important to contact a Boat accident lawyer as soon after the accident as possible. Witnesses often live elsewhere and evidence degrades or disappears quickly. An experienced Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS who has experience with this type of case is essential. Victims of boating accidents may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. In either case, T. Michael Reed is an experienced Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS who has handles many boating accident cases.

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