Need More Ammo Storage? Try a 222972 Magazine Rack in Pittsburgh

Looking for a way to keep AR-15 magazines stored neatly? If so, consider a magazine rack. Magazine racks are storage racks specifically designed to hold magazines full of ammo, offering an easy organizational aid for your gun safe or gun room. While there are different magazine rack options available, the 22292 is a popular choice because of its strength, durability, and affordability. Read more to find out how to find the 222972 magazine rack in Pittsburgh.

Why Buy the 222972?

Purchasers love the 222972 because of its affordability. It costs just over half of what comparable magazine racks designed for use with ammo for AR-15 rifles usually cost, making it one of the best ammo storage component bargains available. The affordability leads to many first-time buyers deciding to give it a try and see what they get for that bargain price.

Cheap Price, Quality Product

While the price may be cheap, the product is not. The 222972 is quality steel and can hold up to 10 AR-15 magazines loaded with 10 to 30 rounds each. The steel is coated in vinyl, which means that there will be no marring on any surfaces. It holds magazines that are made of polymer or metal magazines. The lockdown construction keeps the magazines firmly mounted in the rack but still ensures it is easy to access and load them for storage.


Another thing that people love about this magazine rack is its versatility. The rack is designed to stand upright, on its own, on any flat surface. It can also be mounted to walls or doors. This versatility makes it a great space-saving storage option for your gun collection. The entire dimensions of the magazine rack are 5.5 x 4.2 x 16.2 inches, so it will fit almost anywhere!

Get Organized Today

A well-organized gun safe helps keep things tidy and makes it easier to find weapons and ammo. An organized collection not only shows off the weapons in the collection but also identifies what is missing at a glance. Find more details about the 222972 Magazine Rack in Pittsburgh and other gun and ammo storage options.

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