Considerations For SAP AWS Migration

One of the many benefits of choosing SAP solutions for your business is that it can be used on any type of platform. In some industries, and for many businesses, it makes sense to consider an SAP to AWS migration to consolidate your software solutions.

The choice of AWS or Amazon Web Services is natural for companies with any type of eCommerce site. The AWS platform is a public cloud, and it utilizes several different packages for companies, but it also allows for a significant amount of customization of all services. Businesses striving for increased automation of business functioning, or for cloud based customer services or the use of third-party software or support should consider the benefits of SAP to AWS migration.

Working With a Trusted Provider

Trying to manage the process of SAP to AWS migration is challenging, even for a company with a dedicated IT department. Working with a company that specializes in SAP solutions and services is highly recommended.

These companies can plan, customize, and migrate all of the SAP solutions to the AWS system with the least disruption in the ability to access business functions throughout the process.

In addition to merely managing the transition or migration, the SAP service provider will also be able to customize and potentially consolidate the current SAP services for an even more streamlined and efficient solution. Knowing your goals and what you want to do in the future once you are on the AWS platform is critical to the planning stage of the process.

Building a better infrastructure by maximizing the use of the AWS platform is another benefit to working with a trusted SAP provider. AWS only provides so much in the way of support and service, with the customer required to manage all the actual SAP applications and the use of the various databases. During a migration, fine tuning these aspects for the company can provide additional benefits in the future.

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