MRI Basics: How It Works and How It Helps Doctors to Diagnose Diseases

If you are scheduled to take an MRI, you may wonder what it is all about. In contrast to many other types of medical treatment, taking an MRI doesn’t involve pain or discomfort. In fact, it may be the easiest thing you do during your course of treatment. Find out what an MRI is and how it can be used to restore your body back to health.

Explaining the MRI

An MRI is a medical procedure that helps doctors diagnose diseases. An MRI, or , is actually a technique used to scan the body. These machines use a magnetic field to examine the tissues in the body. When the scan is done, a physician has access to a detailed picture of the internal body. In some cases, these images can even be produced in 3-D. An MRI provides many benefits to medical professionals.

About the MRI Machine

It’s easy to spot the MRI machine in the room. These machines are very large, and they look like big tubes. Most people might think that they look like something from a science fiction movie. However, MRIs have been used for quite some time in contemporary times.

The ways these machines work is not too complicated to understand. Basically, the patient lays on the bed, which is surrounded by walls on all sides. The magnets in the system create a magnetic field around the body. Underneath it all, the machine is causing your body’s hydrogen atoms to realign. This produces an image from the feedback created by the body.

Why They Are Used

An MRI is an easy way for a doctor to examine the internal part of your body. When you visit an open MRI center, you’ll be helping your doctor see your body in a high-resolution image. This is exactly what a doctor needs to properly diagnose certain conditions.

There are a few different medical conditions that especially benefit from an MRI. They are mainly used to look for spinal or nervous system problems. Thus, if your doctor suspects you may suffer from multiple sclerosis or a spinal cord problem, it’s likely you’ll have to go to an open MRI center.

An MRI is nothing be afraid about. It is a non-invasive procedure that sheds light on different health issues. Therefore, when your doctor suggests getting one, don’t delay.

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