Helpful Information on Affordable Bail Bonds in Burleson Texas

Whenever an arrest is made, the person is held in jail until they stand before the judge. It is up to the judge to decide whether or not a person will be given a bail amount and how much it will be. A bail amount is the monetary amount it will take for the person to be released from jail until their court date. The bail amount is based on the person’s previous record, their current charges, and whether or not they are considered a risk for skipping bail.

In some cases, a bail amount is so small it can easily be paid so the person can be released. In other cases, bail amounts can rise to thousands of dollars, making it difficult for the arrested individual to find someone to put up the money. When a person does not have the money for bail and wants to be released, there are Affordable Bail Bonds. A bail bond in Burleson Texas is signed by a bondsman so the person can be released.

When a bondsman signs for someone to be bailed out of jail, they are taking on the responsibility of ensuring the person shows up for court as scheduled. Should the person skip bail, the bondsman would be required to pay the full amount of the bail, unless the person can be brought in to stand before the judge.

When a person is being bailed out of jail, it is important that they show for all scheduled court dates. If a date is missed, a bench warrant is issued by the judge and the bondsman has the right to use bounty hunters to bring the person in. In most cases, the bondsman performs a citizen’s arrest and brings the person back to jail.

If you plan on using Affordable Bail Bonds, you can expect to pay around ten percent of your bail amount in fees. This is a non-refundable fee that is acquired by the bondsman for services rendered.

To learn more about your options for bonding, contact Rogers’ Bail Bonds right away. They will be happy to provide you with bonding services so you do not have to await your court date in jail.

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