Mission Revival, Mission Style

If you find yourself looking at your door with thoughts of replacing it, it may not be as easy as you would think. Today’s offerings are not restricted to only one or two types. Whether it is an interior or exterior door, you will see that the choices can be stressful if you do not know what you want. In some cases, it can be simplified. If you have a Victorian home, get a Victorian-style door. If your home screams “American,” you may want to consider the American Craftsman door, Shakers style or Mission doors. In most cases, the choice will be between Mission doors and Craftsman doors.

What is Mission Style?

The term Mission style can be confusing. In present times, it is often directly used as being synonymous with the Craftsman Style and the Arts and Crafts style. What may be used to distinguish this style are its origins. Mission doors and architectural designs are mainly found in the United States but specifically in Florida, Arizona, California and New Mexico. As a result it has some influence of the Spaniards. Consider some of the building or architectural elements:

* Stucco adobe buildings – use of indigenous materials

* Hand crafted interior furniture and design elements

* Arched windows and doors

* Functional and decorative interior elements, for example, furniture

The style began in 1890. Like the Craftsman style, its strongest period was until the 1930s. In fact, the Craftsman style drew some of its design elements from, or at least was influenced by, this pre-existing movement. Both came to stress function, handcrafted work, indigenous materials and simplicity. In the end, the two can seem comparable and often are confused or blended to create a single style. This can be particularly true as part of the Mission Revival Movement.

What Are Mission Doors?

Mission doors combine the best of the style. They are simple, elegant and functional. Made from wood, they can have basic panels and glass. They, unlike traditional Craftsman or Shaker doors, can feature arches. Metal and wood can combine to create a stylish statement. In general, if you have a residence requiring simplicity, elegance and grace, you should consider mission doors. They can provide all these elements and more to your entranceway.

Mission Doors can add a sense of grace, elegance and simplicity to your residence or business. Nick’s Building Supply can supply you with this style or any other. We specialize in high quality wood doors and nothing else. Call 7 days a week 219-663-2279.

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