3 Unique Options for Cremation in Stonington

In today’s modern world, there are many options when it comes to sending a loved one on to the other side. From having them interred in a family vault to having the remains launched into space, there are some creative ways to give your deceased loved ones the sendoff they richly deserve. Many people however would prefer to go with Cremation in Stonington than be buried or interred in a vault.

Below you will find some creative ways that you can make Cremation in Stonington the biggest sendoff your loved one has ever had.

Shoot the Ashes into Space

While this is an expensive option, it is possible to have your loved ones remains shot off into space on the next rocket going that way. Ashes can stay in orbit for anywhere from 10 to 240 years. There are two options, you can have the ashes orbit the moon and come back to earth or you can have them left there, the choice is yours.

Fireworks Display

It is also very possible to have your loved one go out with a bang. You can make arrangements with a private company to have a private fireworks display where your loved ones ashes are a part of the fireworks process. The ashes will be placed in the fireworks and then shot off into the air for all to see and celebrate the life of the loved one that you recently lost.

Make an Art Piece

This is a totally new memorial concept. There are certain artists out there who will take the ashes of your loved on and mix them in with paint to put on canvas for you. You choose the type of painting you would like and when it is done, you have a piece of our loved one with you always and forever.

These are just a few of the different and unique ways that you can send your loved one off with a bang. You can contact Mystic Funeral Home for more information on any type of burial option today. From making an art piece to a fireworks display to send the ashes into the stars, there are many options available in todays’ world.

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