Microchipping by a Veterinarian in Hartford County, CT Helps Reunite Lost Pets

The majority of pet owners view their furry friend as another member of the family. Unfortunately, many cats and dogs end up missing every year. They may dig their way out of the backyard, or they may simply sneak out an open door unnoticed. Lost pets are many times not recovered, but there are some things pet owners can do to help their missing cat or dog find their way back home. One of the best options is microchipping your pet. This can be done by a Veterinarian in Hartford County, CT in a single office visit.


A microchip is a tiny computer chip that is implanted under the skin of a cat or dog. Each chip contains a special code number. When run through a database, this number will bring up the contact information of the pet’s owner. Most microchips even contain the home vet’s info, too. Using a syringe, the microchip is inserted into the loose skin around the pet’s neck. Since the chip is no larger than a grain of rice, pets do not even feel them. They are completely safe to insert, and your pet will remain conscious and alert during the procedure. It only takes a few seconds for the microchip to be fully implanted.

When a lost pet is brought to a shelter or Veterinarian in Hartford County, CT, a scanner will be used to see if a microchip is present. If there is indeed a chip, the identification number will be entered into the computer system to locate the pet’s owner. Microchipping has reunited countless pets with their families. Collars with tags are still encouraged, but many pets lose these during their journey. A microchip is permanent, so you don’t have to worry about a lost collar or damaged tag. If your contact information ever changes, you can update it with a simple phone call to the microchip database company.

The Windsor Animal Clinic recommends microchips for all their clients. When used with a collar, your pet has a much better chance of returning home if he were to ever get out. It is very affordable, and you will know that you are doing the best for your favorite furry companion.


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