Metal Fabrication: Fabricated Tubing And Other Uses

The term “fabrication” has come to mean different things to different people. To some people, the verb “to fabricate” means to tell an untruth – to lie. To others the two words, fabricate and fabrication, refer to construction or manufacturing. In industrial manufacturing, the application of the word as in fabricated tubing refers to something else.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Companies such as Spinco Metal Products specialize in fabricated tubing. This does not mean they lie. In the industrial world, metal fabrication is a process. It is a procedure that occurs anytime metal of any type is manipulated (fabricated) from one state of being into another. It requires taking a raw metal such as copper, brass or steel and producing from it something else. Fabricated tubing occurs in the realm of industrial fabrication. There are also other types of metal fabrication. These include:



Artistic or ornamental


Recreational or automotive

By employing fabrication, companies can decrease costs. Creating the desired forms also reduces the incidence of several problems such as kinking.

Fabrication and Customization

Fabrication, to a large extent, is customized work. It requires shaping metal into specific shapes. While some may be general or generic, sometimes fabricated tubing or fabricated hose can be customized parts. The results is not simply fabricated tubing – which many individuals would think of being in straight pieces of specific lengths, but also shaped fabricated tubing.

Customized tubing can then be created according to the specifications of the request of the manufacturer. As a result, tubes and pipes can be produced in different:

Sizes – cut to length

Shapes – return bends, coils, and a variety of other different configurations that are desired

Purposes – depending upon the specific function the fabricated tubing can have spin ends or cold form

Methods of Fabricated Tubing

When it comes to metal fabrication, it is possible to employ many different methods. It is, after all, the procedure not the method that defines fabrication. Spinco Metal Products specialize in fabricated tubing. They employ such common and quality methods as brazing and metal spinning. It is also common to weld.

When working with copper, brass or bronze, spinning and brazing achieve products of a higher quality. Yet, some producers may prefer to employ welding in the execution of certain fabrication tasks. It will depend upon the actual product, its purpose, the metal involved and the company making the request.

Fabrication is a process that indicates manipulating a metal through various means to arrive at a result. An example of this in action is fabricated tubing. Spinco Metal Products, Inc.specialize in fabricated tubing. They, like other fab companies, manipulate copper, brass, bronze and other metals to create products suitable to the demands of their customers. This is industrial metal fabrication. It is where bending the rules – or at least the metal, is a good thing.

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