Make Your Craft Brewery Future Bright With The Right Tools

It does not matter whether you are starting out or have been in the brewery business for years or even decades. You need to have the right craft brewing equipment to be successful. While much of what you choose rests on your budget, the size of your operation and what you plan to brew, all breweries have commonalities. They all require certain basic types of equipment in order to produce their product.

Basic Brewing Equipment

In order to become a craft brewer, you need to start out with the right equipment. While much of what you will select relies on the size of your brewery, certain items are essential for production. The following list will provide you with the diverse pieces of equipment you will need to set up and operate your own crafter brewery.

 * Brewhouse Unit: This consists of several different items including:

o Mash tun
o Lauter tun
o Boiling Kettle
o Whirlpool tun
o Hot water tank
o Cold water tank for optional in special combinations
o Heat exchanger for wort cooling
o Work platform
o Wort pump
o All pipings and fittings for the equipment

 * Fermentation Unit: This system consists of several conical single or double size fermentation tanks

 * Beer Filter Unit: Depending upon whether you will be using a beer centrifuge system or a beer filter system

 * Bright (Brite) Beer Tank Unit: Serves several purposes including beer maturation, conditioning, and carbonation

 * Cooling Unit: Insulated glycol water tank together with refrigerators or efficiency chillers or refrigerators

 * Beer Dispenser: You will need some form of bottling, kegging or canning your brew. A bottling or other beer-filling machine is necessary. You should also have one that produces and even attaches labels.

In addition, you need to consider testing equipment as well as waste disposal systems.


Prices for craft brewing equipment can vary wildly. It will depend upon whether you are a small brewery or a la4rger facility. It also depends upon the technology you wish to install. You can purchase used and less inexpensive equipment. If you follow this route, be sure you can upgraded, modify and/or expanded without costly difficulty.

Craft Brewing Equipment: Customization

No two brew houses are exactly alike. This requires you consult with others who are aware of your stage of development as well as the existing or intended facilities before you decide to purchase the items. Make sure you research all possibilities and viable options before you decide on the specific craft brewing equipment you think will make the future of your craft brewery a bright and promising one.

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