Maintenance Tips for Your Wood Burning Stoves

Regular maintenance keeps your wood burning stoves in tip-top shape. Here are a few handy tips to help make this easier on you:

Don’t wait too long

Inspect and clean your stove regularly. Waiting too long between cleaning and inspection checks can compromise your stove’s performance. If you want to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible, get it cleaned and inspected once every year, at the very least, says Home Advisor.

Hire a pro

While there are plenty of DIY tutorials out there, you’ll do better to hire a pro to handle any repairs or replacements on your stoves. That way, you can sit back and relax until the work is done. Less hassle, stress and misery for you that way. Also, pros have the right tools to make the job go that much simpler. By hiring a pro, you don’t just save on time, you save on costs and effort as well.

Know the costs

Before you hire a repair specialist for your wood burning stoves, make sure you calculate the costs. Then shop around until you have a list of possible options. Your budget can pretty much help you narrow down that list right from the get-go.

Cover the essentials

Filter that list. Start with the basics. Is the company licensed for the work? Are their staff trained? Can they provide you with the repair services you need? Do they offer services in your area? What kind of operating hours do they have? Are they trustworthy?

Take your time

Best of all, don’t rush through the selection process. You’ll miss a lot of things this way. Take your time. Chances are, your stove will already show signs of trouble. The minute you see those signs, it’s wise to begin your research and shop for a replacement.

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