Factors In Selecting The Right Checkweigher

Manufacturing plants and production companies run as smoothly as the equipment they possess. Modern machinery is essential if a plant is to produce its products effectively, efficiently and affordably. At the end of a production line, you will often find one specific piece of equipment. It is a checkweigher and it is designed to make certain the weight of the packaged product falls within the set guidelines.


Automated machines that check the weight of a product are advantageous in different ways for the manufacturer. They are

 * Fast – being able to weigh more than 500 items per minute
 * Accurate – they are very precise
 * Adjustable
 * Compatible – able to incorporate other types of technology e.g. X-ray machines, cameras, metal detectors

Overall, checkweighers provide manufacturers with a precision they can rely upon at the end of the line.

Choosing the Right Checkweigher

If you need to purchase a weighing machine of this type, make certain you carefully research what is available on the market. Compare what your company wants and needs with the Features and options of the current models. Make your selection based on a combination of requirements, model specifications, and the manufacturer’s reputation. Look specifically at:

 * Accuracy: You need a machine that can be repeatedly precise in its measurements
 * Flexibility: Can it handle a variety of different packaging?
 * Consistency: The weighing machine needs to be consistent in its performance
 * Model features: Do they meet the requirements of your production?
 * Available options: Make certain you can add certain other equipment without problems of compatibility

Make sure you ascertain the reputation of all producers and suppliers of the machines.


Checkweighers are an important piece of equipment in modern manufacturing plants. When looking to purchase one, it is very important you find a match between your company’s prerequisites and the checkweigher. The equipment you finally purchase must have all the features and options to satisfy all the demands of your company’s production line.

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