Load Cells in Commercial Weighing Systems

Load cells are a vital part of the automated processing systems used in industries such as food processing, chemical, plastics and rubber production. They are sensors or transducers that are used to convert a force into an electronic signal such as a voltage, frequency or current change. There are several different types available, depending upon the application for which they will be used. They are an integral component in commercial weighing scale systems.

Digital and Analog Load Cells

Digital and analog load cells are manufactured to work within the specifications of the existing processing and weighing setup. Hybrid adapters allow for the use of both simultaneously for use with manual reading via a voltmeter and monitoring on a PC. The hybrid version is recommended for monitoring the sensor output via computer while implementing debugging processes. They come in a variety of capacities which range from 2 pounds to 10,000 pounds for effective and accurate interaction with weight measurement and control software interface.

New Requirements Brought About By Innovations in Weight Measurement

Modern technology in commercial weighing systems has created the need for advanced training to gain the knowledge necessary for the proper set up, use and maintenance of these systems. Product specific sessions are necessary to maximize the full potential of all of the components of the commercial weighing process. These can be customized to suit the needs of the company and staff. Training via the web, at the company’s facilities or at the facilities of the training company can be easily arranged. Even though more is required, the advantage of using this advanced technology is companies are better able to stay within compliance guidelines and to gain more accurate readings and measurements of all ingredients used in blending processes.

The Hardy Process Solutions company provides a variety of high quality load cells to satisfy the requirements for a variety of applications across multiple industries. Along with these products, they also provide customizable scales, certified cables, junction boxes and configurable software solutions. You can be assured that the products are technician certified and designed for easy calibration of the weighing system. In addition, they maintain a large group of highly trained technicians which are willing to travel to any location globally, to provide assistance for their customers in setup, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting issues.

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