Do We Need A Lot Of Furniture Cleaning Companies In New York City?

Since New York is a very major city with a large population; it stands to reason that there will be a lot of furniture within the city limits. Domestic furniture within the homes of the population; office furniture and the furniture found in commercial premises such as clinics, hotels, bars and restaurants, etc, etc.

Like all major cities, the air in New York is not exactly clean and all sorts of airborne particles get blown indoors and easily land on all that furniture to make it dirty. This is in addition to any dirt and grime that can occur through the use of that furniture.

Wherever there is a lot of dirty furniture; there should be a good demand for the likes of furniture cleaning companies in New York City area. However, you may wonder why the owners of all this furniture do not include its cleaning in their daily chores and, if they don’t; then why not simply use some sort of janitorial cleaning service? Why would furniture require special Furniture Cleaning Companies In New York City?

Special Furniture

Furniture is a very wide and open subject that covers many different types of item manufactured from many different materials each of which will require its own cleaning techniques (both for dirt and stain removal plus preservation and hygiene considerations). If the furniture is made entirely from a solid material like wood, metal or plastics; cleaning it is simply a matter of physical labor – washing, dusting, polishing, etc.

However, there are also pieces of furniture constructed around a frame with some sort of soft, resilient padding on it. In most cases, a covering is affixed on top of the padding. This covering is usually either a textile fabric or leather (including synthetic leather like materials), which is referred to as upholstery. Some of these, particularly the textile based can be difficult to clean. They may shrink when washed or their colors and patterns could run during washing or the material may fade; furthermore, many common cleaning chemicals (especially solvents) can damage upholstery materials.

Special Cleaning Materials & Techniques

It is perfectly OK to include upholstered furniture in your routing vacuum cleaning sessions but this will not remove stains and might not clearout particles (and bugs) that have sunk down through the cover and into the padding. The safest and best way to deal with this is to contact one of the specialist Furniture Cleaning Companies In New York City from time to time.


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