Let a Professional Apply Your Acrylic Nails in Philadelphia

Many women like the look of long nails, but don’t like how easily they break when doing things like housework, yard work or even work around the office. Fake nails solve this issue as long as they are done properly. Many women opt for acrylic nails in Philadelphia for a couple of different reasons. Some women attempt to do their own acrylic nails, but there are a couple of good reasons to go to a spa or salon instead.

Get them Done Correctly

Acrylic nails can look beautiful, but they are easy to mess up. Going to a spa ensures that they are done correctly, which means that they will look more natural than most at home attempts. Also, the process of getting the nails done will be much faster in a spa than when someone attempts to do them on their own at home.

Safety First

Another thing to consider with Acrylic Nails in Philadelphia is safety. The ingredients to create the acrylic can emit a toxic smell that can be dangerous for pregnant women, infants and small children. Salons are set up to circulate the air and get the fumes away from those using the products to ensure their safety.

Acrylic vs. Gel Nails

Most spas and salons that offer acrylic nails also offer gel. One of the main reasons that women choose acrylic over gels is the cost. While the initial application cost might be the same, when it comes time to fill the nails where the growth has occurred, acrylic fills are about half the cost of the first application. Gel nails, on the other hand, cost the same amount every time as a full application has to be applied when the nail grows.

Another reason that women choose acrylic is that they are easy to repair. When a gel nail breaks, it usually cracks the entire nail, which means it has to be removed and replaced. Acrylic nails can be glued back into place and then fixed when it’s time for the next appointment.

If you’re thinking about getting gel or acrylic nails, contact us today for an appointment. We’ll discuss your options and help you to determine which choice will be best for your lifestyle and desired look.

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