Comparing Aluminum Extrusion Companies

Quality raw materials are the foundation for quality end products. This is true if the materials are used in construction, in aerospace, for the automotive industry or for the military and defense manufacturing industry.

When it comes to aluminum, particularly aluminum stock, and custom extrusions, choosing the best aluminum extrusion companies will be an important choice to make early in the design and development stage.

Aluminum Extrusion Options

There are many different shapes, sizes, and types of aluminum extrusions. These can include highly complex shapes that are used in manufacturing or fabrication across all industries.

On the other hand, there are very simple types of extrusions such as aluminum bar that provide highly precise, high tolerance shapes that are needed in the development or parts and components in highly regulated industries such as aerospace and automotive design and manufacturing. Simple extrusions can also be used in the construction and building industry.

Choosing Extruders

Regardless of the complexity of the extrusion, choosing aluminum extrusion companies with a solid reputation in providing quality extrusions to the specified tolerances is a must.

Extruders that provide this level of quality control throughout their production will be able to create the shapes to industry standards and specifications, saving your company time and money on having to further machine or finish parts to bring them up to industry compliance.

Quality of extrusion also means having state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operators. Established aluminum extrusion companies are always the recommended option, providing dependable quality with each order.

Costs and Lead Times

Sometimes, when comparing different aluminum extruders, companies will have to weigh the cost factor and the turnaround time to order delivery. A very low cost per unit for a large project may initially look attractive, but if the lead time is weeks, it may not actually be worth the small price difference.

Be sure to compare all aspects of the services, quality control and the production capability of the extruder before putting too much weight on the quoted price.

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