Learn Why Door Installation in Davenport, IA Might Not be a DIY Job

While many homeowners love to handle projects around their homes on their own, things like a new Door Installation in Davenport IA might not be something they can handle without help. Instead, it’s going to be a good idea to have a professional handle something like this. Below are some of the reasons why homeowners will want a professional to help.

The Door Frame Might Have Hidden Damage

Even if the door is simply being replaced for aesthetic reasons, there could be hidden damage that isn’t apparent until the old door is removed. This is especially a concern with exterior doors, as there could be water damage from storms and poor installation of the previous door. If a professional is handling the installation, they can detect and repair the framing for the door before installing the new one.

The Door Frame Might Not be Straight

It’s very possible that the door frame is not straight, whether it’s an interior or exterior door. Frames can be off a little without impacting how a door functions, and they can shift after the home is built as the home settles. Sometimes, this can be detected if the door tends to stick when it’s opened or closed. This is not a problem for professionals, but it can make the job a lot harder for homeowners who have little experience with installing doors.

The Door Might Need to be Adjusted

Doors might not necessarily be a standard size, so they might need to be adjusted before the installation. Even a tiny bit off can mean the door sticks when the homeowner tries to open it. The professional, however, can take precise measurements to ensure the new door will fit or make adjustments on-site to ensure a good fit. This can minimize the potential for issues down the road.

If you need to have a new interior or exterior door installed, call a professional to handle the Door Installation in Davenport IA and avoid having to deal with any of these or other issues. Visit the website for Quality Construction Services Inc at www.qcqc.com now to learn more about their services or to schedule a door installation.

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