Landscaping Uses for Sand in Austin, TX

Sand is an incredibly versatile material and is used for a wide variety of purposes across industrial, commercial, and residential sectors alike. In Texas, sand can be a perfect accent for unique and innovative backyard landscapes. Learn more about some of the most common uses for sand in Austin, TX landscape designs.

Leveling Pavers

Pavers are flat rocks that are frequently used as stepping stones in both residential and commercial landscaping. In order to keep them level, they must be placed on the flat ground and the spaces in between them must be filled. Sand provides the perfect solution for both of these issues, as it is finely ground enough to fill in even small cracks, allowing stepping stones to be much more secure and stable.

Play Areas

Children’s play areas often feature sand. The most popular use of sand in backyard play places is, of course, sandboxes. However, this material is also a perfect for placement beneath swing sets and other play equipment.

Outdoor Sports

Austin may not be on the ocean, but that doesn’t mean that beach ball and volleyball are out of the question. Volleyball courts can be constructed by simply laying down play sand to provide a smooth playing surface, but many designers choose to also include a layer of gravel beneath the sand for better stability and durability.

Cactus Gardens and Zen Gardens

In dry areas of the country like Texas grass lawns aren’t always the best landscaping solution. In fact, many property owners are opting for cactus gardens and Zen gardens instead. These outdoor features utilize sand and either cactus or carefully chosen stones to create a beautiful accent to the yard without the need for constant watering.

Mixing Concrete

Sand in Austin, TX is also used in mixing certain types of concrete. This mixture can then be used to create outdoor seating areas, garden edging, walkways, steps, and just about any other kind of hardscaping feature.

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