Know When to Call Built-In Gas Cooktop Repair Experts in Henderson, NV

Many people prefer gas cooktops over electric. Gas cooktops heat faster, offer more temperature control, and cool down more quickly than their electric counterparts. Those without electronic igniters give users the freedom to continue cooking as usual even when the power goes out. At the same, any type of pots and pans can be used on them without fear of damaging the cookware or the cooktop. Of course, if the time to cook dinner rolls around and the burners won’t light, all those benefits become somewhat unimportant.

Why Won’t the Burners Work?

Any type of cooktop can give problems, but gas models are sometimes more complicated especially if they’re among the newer ones on the market. One of the most common issues is burners refusing to light when you need them most. Calling Built-In Gas Cooktop Repair Experts in Henderson NV might be the best way to go when this happens, but some issues can be remedied without the professionals.

  • Extinguished Pilot Light:
  • In many cases, it’s a simple matter of the pilot light going out. Try cleaning the pilot light opening with a long needle. Then, relight it with a grill lighter or long match. Some ranges equipped with electronic igniters require the clock to be set before the pilot light will reignite.
  • Clogged Burners:
  • All the splatters and grease particles escaping their pots and pans during cooking settle on the cooktop. Some of this residue builds up in the flame openings over time. It’ll cause the flames to burn lower than normal and eventually prevent the burners from lighting at all. Wipe around the flame openings with a warm, soapy cloth or scrape them with a needle.
  • Poor Connection:
  • Sometimes, burners refusing to light is a problem with the gas connection rather than the stove itself. If cleaning the pilot light and flame openings doesn’t solve the problem, this may be the issue. When gas lines and connections come into play, it’s best to bring in Built-In Gas Cooktop Repair Experts in Henderson NV. Should you smell gas, contact the gas company or emergency personnel as well.

Gas ranges have a number of advantages electric stoves just can’t offer. Still, they’re not infallible and can certainly cause trouble. Though getting those burners to light could be as simple as cleaning and reigniting the pilot light, this isn’t always the case. Click Here to learn more or schedule a repair appointment.

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