3 Tips to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hillsboro, OR

One popular saying goes that the task of the jury is to decide who has hired the better lawyer. Obviously, you should not take the statement seriously. But the reality is that the kind of lawyer you choose will have a bearing on the outcome of the case.

I have seen people who have wasted thousands of dollar on hiring criminal defense lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, just to see their cases go on for months that results in maximum earnings of the lawyer with no benefit to the person. The problem is that very few people are familiar with the legal and technical issues involved in criminal defense case. This allows some lawyers from defrauding their clients to earn great amount of money at the expense of their clients.

But the problem is how do you decide how to hire the best attorney for your case? Although there is no hard and fast rule regarding selecting a criminal defense lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, it is recommended to consider the following tips for selecting a reliable lawyer for your case.

Tip #1: Obtain Referrals of the Lawyer
You must obtain referrals for the lawyer you are hiring to fight your case. References can give you an idea about the quality of service provided by the criminal defense lawyer. Chances are lawyer with high reputation among the community provide the best service to their clients.

Tip #2: Perform Background Checks
The second tip to select a reliable criminal defense lawyer is to perform background check about the company. You can check online review sites about the credibility of the lawyer. You can also check BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of the lawyer agency to know about its integrity and reliability. BBB rating range from A+ (Best) to F (Worse); the lower the rating more complaints are filed against the firm. You must try to select a lawyer firm with a rating of A or A+.

Tip #3: Take Free Initial Consultation
Most lawyers will be willing to give free initial consultation. You must utilize this opportunity to know more about expertise of the lawyer. The initial consultation will also give you an idea whether you will be able to develop rapport with the lawyer in solving your case.

On an ending note, you must understand the difference between a Public Defender and a Private Attorney before hiring one for your case. Public defenders fight cases of people who cannot afford the services of a private lawyer. The trouble is they are looking over so many cases that they may not be able to give full attention to your case. It’s recommended to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, like The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz LLC to ensures that you will receive the best services for your case.

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