Is After School Group Tutoring Right For Your Child?

Parents today have a lot of different options when it comes to finding after school assistance for a child that is having difficulties in academics. In fact, most children throughout their school years from elementary through to graduation will have areas and subjects where a little bit of extra support can be the difference between a top grade and perhaps even a fail. One option to get children support and include a more social aspect of learning is found in the form of after school group tutoring.

What Is After School Group Tutoring?

Most parents are familiar of the idea of private tutoring where an adult, typically a trained educator, works one-on-one with a child to address specific academic problems or concerns. The tutor is typically specialized in that area of academics, more so as you move up through the grades and approach the high school level.

After school group tutoring uses the same idea as private tutoring but it adds some unique benefits. First, students are grouped in small cohort groups that are similar in age range. This ensures that the students have peers to ask questions of and interact with, all part of providing social learning that is beneficial.

In addition there are one or more trained tutors, usually experienced classroom teachers, who work directly with the group. They are there to answer questions, provide support and even work one-on-one with students as needed.

What is the Value?

The value of after school group tutoring is recognized in many different ways. The social component, which allows kids to talk to other kids about learning and academics, is a motivator for kids to keep returning to the group. For children that are uncomfortable with the idea of a private tutor, after school group tutoring with friends is often much less intimidating and inviting.

Of course, after school group tutoring also allows the tutor to immediately address issues that the child, or the group, is experiencing. This may include working with the small group or a subset of the small group or working individually with a child.

Small sized cohorts for after school group tutoring also create a positive environment for children that may be struggling in school. They can feel good about their learning and their support from caring adults and a caring group of peers.

The results from after school group tutoring are amazing for children of all ages. To know more information visit us at

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