Is a Blackthorn Walking Stick a Good Option?

It is safe to say that walking sticks are fast becoming a fashion statement. Despite the utility and accessibility they provide, walking sticks are becoming quite popular. When paired with a suit, they add a unique dimension to your attire. Walking sticks are mostly made out of different types of wood. However, more accessible sticks are made out of aluminum as well. One of the most popular types of wood used for walking sticks is blackthorn. Blackthorn is native to New Zealand as well as the eastern regions of North America. A blackthorn walking stick looks elegant and unique, and adds a touch of class.

Why Select an Authentic Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick?

An authentic Irish blackthorn walking stick can add a unique touch of elegance to your personality. The blackthorn walking stick is made out of natural Irish blackthorn. Blackthorn is firm and sturdy and doesn’t chip easily. Usually, the blackthorn walking stick is 36 inches long. It has a rubber ferule fastened at the bottom to prevent damage to the stick. The rubber ferule also prevents the stick from slipping, providing adequate friction.

Depending on where you buy from, the attention to detail might vary. Irish Walking Sticks is one of the best companies right now. The walking sticks are considered a novelty item. That is one of the main reasons why most companies pay a lot of attention to detail. The walking stick comes with a genuine leather strap which is attached in the blackthorn wood. There’s a polished knob at the top, which is buffed to provide a natural sheen. The knob also provides a very comfortable grip.

The Blackthorn walking stick can be used in a variety of different environments. You can carry it while hiking or you can simply take it with you on a leisurely walk. However, the walking stick is made for accessibility purposes as well. And the use of blackthorn wood contributes significantly to the walking stick’s versatility.

Why Choose Blackthorn?

For people who find it difficult to walk without adequate support, a walking stick made out of blackthorn is better than a conventional walking stick. The blackthorn stick provides sturdy support, and doesn’t slip easily. Since it is made out of hardwood and has a buffed knob, it doesn’t even cut in to your skin as you put pressure on it.

These walking sticks are practical and can last a long time. The dark color of the wood can be polished again and the knob can be rebuffed. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance either. Moreover, since black goes well with other colors quite well, you can pair the stick with your attire easily. Hence, a blackthorn walking stick is definitely a good option.

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