Information on Hiring a Birth Injury Attorney in Kansas City MO

Though the birthing process can be dangerous, most births result in healthy babies. Unfortunately, there are incidents that can cause injuries to your baby during birth. These can range from minor bruising to death. If your baby was injured during the birthing process, because of the actions or negligence of medical staff, you have rights to pursue a case. Through a Birth Injury Attorney in Kansas City MO, you and your baby can receive the compensation and justice you deserve, for the injuries sustained during the birthing process.


What Types of Birth Injuries Can You Receive Compensation For?

* Cerebral Palsy is one of the leading birth injuries children are afflicted with. This brain disorder is often caused by a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain during the birthing process. While not always a negligent act, medical staff can play a part in this occurring. If you feel your doctor did not take the appropriate measures to protect your baby and he or she was born with Cerebral Palsy, there is help available. Since each case is different, you will need to speak with a lawyer to find out your options.

* Brain hemorrhage can occur due to the birthing process and normally occurs when forceps and other devices are used to pull the baby from the birth canal. If the hemorrhage is not detected soon enough, it could lead to brain damage and even death.

* Broken bones can sometimes occur when force is used to pull the baby from the birth canal. If your baby suffered from a broken bone during the birthing process, you may have a case against the doctor and other medical staff. Hiring a Birth Injury Attorney in Kansas City MO can allow you to learn more about your options and whether or not you have a sufficient case to file against the doctors who cared for you and your baby.

If your baby suffered from injuries during the birthing process, do not wait to get help. Contact Prochaska, Giroux and Howell, LLC and allow them to help you in understanding what type of case you have, so you can pursue the responsible parties for your child’s injuries.

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