In Search of the Best Corporate Caterers

When you plan a company event, you need to consider the food service. It is important because food can make or break your event. Hiring corporate caterers is not always easy because you have many choices. Here are some important things to remember, to help you make the best decision for your business.

The Interview

When you interview food services, pay attention to the little things. For example, is this person interested in your business? Do you sense confidence or deceit? Does he or she ask many questions?

Your food service provider should ask a lot of questions. This is how people learn about your needs. If the company rep knows everything already, chances are, something is wrong. Nobody knows it all, and there’s always room for learning.

Response Times

Are your calls returned promptly or at the corporate caterers’ convenience? Perhaps you sent an email inquiry, and it took several days to receive a reply. Even the busiest people can respond to customer inquiries, as soon as possible. If you feel the company took too long, look elsewhere because they don’t need your business.


Does the company routinely handle your event type? In other words, if you plan a conference you want corporate caterers with conference experience and knowledge. This gets you the best possible services.

Hidden Costs

The best food services feature upfront pricing. You tell them what you want and for how many people, and they give you an estimate. The estimate includes everything you need. For instance, some companies may intentionally leave out beverage costs, and add it in later. When you have a specific event budget, you need the costs now, so there are no surprises.

Menu Options

Make sure to choose a food service with plenty of menu options. When people have many choices, they usually find something that they like and appreciate.

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