Improve Your Smile Through an Invisalign Dentist in Springfield NJ 07081

Having beautifully straight teeth can make you feel confident in your smile. Unfortunately, not everyone has straight teeth. Overcrowding and formation problems can cause your teeth to come in crooked. When your teeth are not properly aligned, you not only feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, but you can also have pain and discomfort. When your jaws are not aligning properly, this places undue pressure on certain areas of your teeth. This can cause them to wear down and become damaged. Fortunately, there is help available, through an Invisalign Dentist in Springfield NJ 07081.


In the past, there was one main option for treating alignment issues. Metal braces are still available and a good treatment option, but not everyone is thrilled about having a mouth full of metal. Now, there is another option for treating these issues. Through Invisalign treatments, your teeth can be aligned, without anyone even knowing you are being treated.

To correct your teeth, you will wear special clear aligner trays that are created solely to treat your teeth. Each tray is worn for a period of two weeks. After the two weeks, you throw the old aligner tray away and pop a new one in place. Invisalign is effective for most alignment issues and can straighten your teeth in as little as one year, depending on your age and degree of alignment problems.

Aside from no one being able to tell you are being treated, you will have no restrictions on your activity or eating choices when wearing Invisalign trays. You will only need to remove your trays when you brush your teeth. You can eat while wearing your trays, without any problems.

If you are tired of having a crooked smile, contact your dentist and find out whether or not you would be a good candidate for Invisalign treatments. If you want more information, click here and visit the site. Invisalign can dramatically improve the appearance and function of your smile. You will love how your smile looks, after it has been treated. In about a year, you can have the beautifully straight smile you long for.

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