Improve Your Home Using Custom Garage Doors

When you drive by your house what’s the first thing you see? For many homes it’s the huge Garage Doors that tend to stand out the most. Consider the home with a two or three car garage opening onto a short driveway. When folks view that property the main thing they see are the looming garage bay doors that are typically like the doors of every other home on the block. Of course you could slap some paint on the doors to mix things up a bit, but in reality this will only bring more attention to the doors themselves.

You can easily fix this whole problem by visiting a specialist like Wayne Overhead Door Sales and Home Improvements. Upgrading your garage door is the best way to get a distinctive look for your home while maintaining the functionality of the original doors. Plus, these contractors listen to you, the customer, to ensure you get the garage door you desire. This is much better than having someone come out and simply replace your old door with some stock, bland garage door.

Garage Doors come in several types. The most typical varieties are the roll-up doors that most people are familiar with. These doors work using separate, hinged panels connected to wheels on a track. This reduces the amount of strength required to open them. They are also great candidates for automatic garage door openers and require very little change to make one work. This type of door can be made from plain panels or may have one panel with windows installed.

The other common type of garage door is the carriage style door. These were very common when cars were first invented because they were the typical doors used on barns and other storage areas. Carriage style doors allow wide vehicles easy access while requiring a lower ceiling height for installation. Plus, they also give a home a unique style that overhead doors usually can’t provide. Unfortunately, many homes and driveways don’t allow enough room for opening carriage style doors so you may wish to discuss this option with your contractor before you decide which way to go.

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