Giving Is A Part Of Who And What We Are

There are certain times when we feel the need to say thank you to a person or group of individuals who are important to us in our lives. In this frame it is especially important to give a token of our appreciation, otherwise known as a gift which will be appreciated and ideally be inspirational to those you are seeking to thank. Ideas for these kinds of gifts ought be unique and elicit a positive response from the recipient and may if the circumstances are conducive signal the start of new friendships and/or professional relationships. Giving and receiving gifts is a universal human trait designed show and demonstrate positive emotions such as love, gratitude and appreciation as well as strengthen the bonds we have to the important people in our lives.

Giving means you care

Watching the response of a gift recipient is really just the endpoint of the whole thought process which went into them receiving the gift in the first place. The whole process of thinking about what to get and then going through the process of searching for it demonstrates a commitment to the person who is going to receive it. In addition, in the true spirit of giving, the giver should not expect anything in return. Remember the gift is supposed to represent your emotional bond (whatever that means in the context of the giving) to the person being appreciated. This makes giving genuinely altruistic and must in a wider sense benefits individuals and our society.

Giving feels great

The degree of satisfaction that you feel inside when you get an inspirational gift idea right is measured by direct comparison with the expression on the face of the person who received it. That gorgeous, lovely fuzzy feeling caused by the hormonal response to a huge beaming smile on the recipients face will absolutely strengthen the relationship which exists between the giver and receiver. This can mean taking a colleague out for lunch if they have helped you in the workplace but equally means seeking an inspirational gift for the people we love (a family member or partner) most in our lives. Whatever the reason or context doing the right thing and then having that action appreciated is surely one of the most rewarding feelings that we as human beings possess and that is why at an intrinsic level we give.

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