Important Information on Gingivitis in Colorado Springs CO

Gingivitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the gum tissue. In its earliest stages, it is easily reversed but prolonged gum issues can lead to periodontal disease. It is imperative individuals are able to recognize the symptoms they might experience with this condition so they can seek proper treatment for Gingivitis in Colorado Springs CO. With prompt treatment, tooth loss can be avoided.

What Is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. When it begins, it needs to be treated right away or it will only worsen. First, the condition only affects the gum tissue. As the disease progresses, it can eventually become periodontitis which can affect the health of the bone tissue and the teeth.

There are a few symptoms that will alert a person they have Gingivitis in Colorado Springs CO. If any of the following symptoms are noticed by a patient, prompt dental treatment is vital for ensuring a patient’s oral health is protected.

* Gum tissue that is red, swollen, and irritated
* Gum tissue that easily bleeds during brushing
* Chronic bad breath or bad taste in the mouth
* Gum tissue that is receding from the teeth
* Tooth root exposure
* Pus drainage around the teeth
* Loose teeth

Should a patient begin experiencing any of the above symptoms of gingivitis, it is important they seek immediate dental care. Treatment involves deep dental cleanings at the dentist, medicated mouth rinses, and improved oral hygiene practices at home.

How Can Gingivitis Be Prevented?

It is imperative individuals brush and floss their teeth a couple of times a day. This removes food and plaque so they do not develop into tartar. Eating a healthy diet is also important for the prevention of gingivitis. It is also vital a person regularly sees their dentist for preventative care treatments so the health of their teeth and gums can be protected.

Those who are dealing with the symptoms of gingivitis need to seek prompt dental care to protect their oral health. Contact the Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry right away so your oral health care needs can be taken care of. They will work to make sure your smile stays healthy and beautiful. For more information, visit our Google+ page.

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