Advantages of Hiring a Probate Lawyer to Assist with a Loved One’s Estate

When a loved one passes away, it is never easy for the family members. When it comes to executing their will, it can be even more challenging. Especially, if someone disputes the will and the estate is tied up in probate court until a decision is made on the legality of the document. Before the deceased person’s assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries, the will must go through probate to be legalized. Once the court has approved the distribution of the estate, the appointed executor of the estate is responsible for allocating the property to each of the beneficiaries. A probate lawyer in Moline, IL can be beneficial during this process to the executor of the estate.

Services an Attorney Can Offer

  • The primary benefit of consulting a probate lawyer in Moline, IL is they can provide the legal advice the executor requires to ensure the estate is legally distributed.
  • They can assist in gaining appraisals on any property the deceased person owned to help determine the taxes that should be paid. In addition, this is useful for any property that will be shared by beneficiaries to ensure they receive their percentage.
  • If there is any dispute between the representative and beneficiaries, they can help settle the issues.
  • An attorney can help prove the legality of a will if it has been disputed by a family member.
  • They can help retitle any property named in the state over to the individual that is to inherit the property.
  • A lawyer can assist in selling or liquidating property to help pay any remaining bills of the deceased person.

Obtain the Legal Advice You Need by Scheduling an Appointment Today

As the representative of an estate, you do not have to handle the process on your own. David J. Franks Attorney at Law offers the services required to help with the probate of a will. They can help with distribution of the property or provide legal advice for any questions that you may have.


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