Important Checklist Points for Home Inspection in Dunedin, FL

Home inspections are important because they help to create a clear picture of the structural integrity of a building at a specific point in time. This helps tremendously during the buying or selling process of a home, and can either prevent you from buying the wrong home, or encourage you toward the purchase of the ideal property.  Here are some of the important checklist points for examination during a thorough Home Inspection in Dunedin, FL.


The foundation of a structure is one of the most important areas because has to support the entire weight of the building. An inspector should always properly examine the foundations for any cracks or abnormalities.


Roof inspections should always take place, with the goal of identifying issues such as leaks and other factors that can cause future problems. Quality inspectors look for factors that can affect the roof of a structure such as nearby large trees, and may make recommendations for branch removal, or to relocate or remove the entire tree.

Doors and Windows

A home inspection takes the condition of all widow and doors in a building into consideration. Along with checking to ensure that all windowpanes and locks are intact, the inspector will look for a good seal on windows and doors to ensure optimal heating and cooling with lower accompanying costs.


Household plumbing and water supply systems are one of the most important areas of home inspection. The inspector will examine all of the pipes and fixtures in the system looking for leaks and testing water pressure. They will also look out for possible signs of water damage and check the condition of all related appliances.

These are a few of the important areas for assessment during a well-executed home inspection in Dunedin, FL. A home inspection done poorly can cost you tremendously by either making you pay too much for a home you are buying, or not getting fair value for a home you are selling. To get the best deal possible and ensure your satisfaction,.

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