How to Draw up your Will and what to Include

There are some subjects that we as humans really hate to think about, talk about or touch on and one of those things is death, including our own. We like to believe we will never expire and because of this we put off making a will, often until it is too late. Most of us struggle with what we are supposed to include in the will, who we should leave stuff to, who we shouldn’t leave stuff to, how much to leave to someone without someone else getting left out. It all adds up to a very stressful experience and that’s before you even start.

Information that Must be Included

Some of the most important information you should include are things like your basic information, like starting with ‘I (insert name here) being of sound mind…’ and then adding your address and the current date on which the will is signed. Another thing to remember is to choose an executor. There is no specific limit to how many you can have but you should choose at least one—two is pretty average for most people. You also have to document the exact permission you are affording them as the executor and what you expect of them when they carry out their duties. You may include your executor as one of your beneficiaries but it is advisable that you choose two executors to make sure that it is all overseen correctly.

Your children should be listed before anyone else—if you have children. List everything you leaving them and list them in age order, with the oldest first. You may have set up trust funds or pensions that your children will receive and you may also have property that you wish to disperse among them. Your estate also included your liabilities as well as your assets so make sure that any outstanding debts are taken care of before you dish out the dosh. Solicitors who write up wills in Caversham will operate to the same standards as all other solicitors around the country, so if you need a ‘will’ drawn up, make an appointment with one who can offer that service and keep it safe for you.

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